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The Demo Bag

by Lazure

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released August 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Lazure India

Lazure is an experimental rock band from India.
The name of the band derives from Laziness and Leisure.
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Track Name: Away
I hope you are satisfied
With your tears encashed
You have bleached your joy
I don't know why

Night makes the darkest of floors
For me to hide and roll
I'd prefer escape than your way

Everybody's running so scared
Not even looking for a way
But I never really cared
I swear
You're not the one I'm after
You're nothing but disaster
I'm not just in the game to play
So hey

Step a bit away
I'm trying to get away
you are in my way
But I'm not your easy prey
Don't start it all again
Find another dame
You are in my way
but don't get in my vein
Track Name: Voyage
I was on a voyage and
With all the bells swinging and
Sounds filled in my head and

Hey autumn lady
You must be on something
To dance on the lake
While it rains
I know something
That now trees are nothing
And it ain't gonna rain out there

I will kill my time hundred times
Cuz it's all just mine
Even if it hurts my eye
Track Name: The Bill
Don't tell me what to talk
When a stranger comes in to ask for you
I will not hold my mouth
To speak out loud everything you do

You splash inside my world
Whenever I don't want you to
Be humble as I am or
You'll regret everything you do
Everything you do
Everything you do

I own you without a bill
You still speak for unsaid wills
I own you without a bill
You still speak for unsaid wills

My nerves they get loose and
Hang inside empty heart of yours
Blue headed ego crown
Sits on top of empty head of yours

Bye bye is the final word
For which I keep on waiting for
I don't like this neither you do so
End this shit and leave me now
Track Name: Like Before feat. Prudhvi Chandra
I'll take it away,
Hang it by a thread,
Away from your reach,
Away from your disease,
Afraid and worried you said,
You even cried,
Eyes have more to say....
Fear on your face...
Beg it to walk back to you

Hold your breath, Like before
Close to grave. Ooo
Heal the pain, Like before
Life's enough,
Go fuck your own world

Shed your weight from head,
Cuz no wants to ride it back again,
You hid your pride in debt,
I was a black sheep you put me up out for sale..
Devil gave me ride...
Showing me way to hell..